Group Meetings as Part of a Recovery Process

Group Therapy and 12 Step Meetings are two kinds of group meetings that can play an important role in any recovery process where addiction issues are involved – whether it be someone actively in addiction, or their partner who also is suffering.  Our practice focuses on sexual addiction treatment, but the principles below apply to […]

What To Do When Raw Emotions Are Overwhelming

When confronted with a difficult life situation, people sometimes have an experience which psychotherapists would call “emotional flooding.”  This refers to an experience every human being has had, where raw emotions are “triggered” and the person is overcome with out of control stressful feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes there is one feeling much more in the […]

Mindfulness – A Gateway to Transcendence (or Who Am I Without My Story)

The human capacity to transcend is intrinsic and fundamental, freeing the self from unnecessary pain and suffering – some might say all suffering.   A basic gateway to the experience of transcendence can be pointed at by using words like “acceptance” or “radical acceptance” (from mindfulness trainings); “allowing;” or “letting things be the way they are.”

Tara […]