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What To Do When Raw Emotions Are Overwhelming

When confronted with a difficult life situation, people sometimes have an experience which psychotherapists would call “emotional flooding.”  This refers to an experience every human being has had, where raw emotions are “triggered” and the person is overcome with out of control stressful feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes there is one feeling much more in the […]

Making Relationships Work: Understanding “Circularity”

An understanding of “circularity,” a concept associated with Family Systems Theory, can be a foundation piece in making relationships work.  The most common presenting problem in couples therapy on a process level involves partners’ blaming and counter blaming.  For many couples, this is a primary pattern when conflict arises, regardless of the “content” of the […]

Healing the Core Wound

In order to develop a felt sense of well-being, be more effective in general, and become empowered in relationships, one primary capacity is to be able to see one’s role in the problems we encounter, including relationship problems. However, it can be very difficult to see one’s role, or flaws and “weaknesses” without self-devaluation or […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been in the foreground of Western psychology for over 30 years. Like many modern psychotherapy approaches it’s effectiveness has been validated through extensive research. CBT helps with depression, anxiety and other uncomfortable feeling states that when too intense or enduring cause unhappiness and interfere with functioning.

The premise of CBT has […]

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A Gateway to Transcendence… Or Who Am I Without My Story?
It is not unusual for adults, even those living under relatively favorable circumstances, to feel that there is something missing from their lives. There is a lack of satisfaction, a sense of not being fully alive. Even when we meet needs or attain goals, the […]

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There are no currently scheduled workshops.

We periodically offer workshops on:

Communication Skills; Making Relationships Work;
Infertility Issues – How Counseling Can Help;
Sexual Addiction Recovery on an individual and couple level; and others.

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Couples Counseling

Making Relationships Work!
When negative relationship patterns develop and take hold, sometimes after years of smooth sailing, people feel hurt, angry, and confused. Being stuck and unable to recover leads to a sense of frustration and helplessness.

Communication breaks down, and conflict patterns repeat and escalate. Feelings of depression and anxiety are often part of the experience.

Unfortunately, […]

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In the course of individual or couples therapy, and in workshops, we offer assertiveness training – how to express thoughts and feelings in a way that invites your partner into an open, collaborative dialogue; and how to listen to your partner in a way that shows empathy and understanding.

As part of that training, we offer […]

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Individual Therapy

In individual counseling with adults we work not only with relationship issues, but life challenges in general to help clients feel better, more empowered and effective.  Feelings like anxiety, depression, and anger not only feel bad; they can interfere with function when they become too intense and overwhelming.  They can derail the communication process and […]

Infidelity and Affairs

When a partner becomes aware of some form of infidelity – including emotional and/or sexual affairs – it is extremely painful, even traumatizing. There is a deep sense of hurt and betrayal, often accompanied by anger and rage. Despite the deep wounding, many couples want to try to recover. and psychotherapy can an important resource […]

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Sexual Addiction Help

With the publication of “Out of the Shadows” in 1983, Dr. Patrick Carnes introduced the concept of sexual addiction to a mass audience. He compellingly described the emotional conflict, anguish, and despair experienced by sexual addicts. Using the “addiction model” he explained the development of the disease and how to begin to recover.

At that time […]