Couples Counseling Services provided by Carolina Counseling & Wellness Center

Carolina Counseling & Wellness Center specializes in individual and couples treatment for healing relationships.

Taking an integrative approach, we draw from the major schools of thought – family systems, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. We also make use of more recent, cutting-edge approaches – emotionally focused therapy (EFT), solution-focused brief therapy, mindfulness, and the research of John Gottman. We want to emphasize that we try to fit the model to the client, and not vice versa. Our intention as therapists is to remain flexible and to find an approach that is right for you.

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Couples Counseling

Making Relationships Work!
When negative relationship patterns develop and take hold, sometimes after years of smooth sailing, people feel hurt, angry, and confused. Being stuck and unable to recover leads to a sense of frustration and […]


In the course of individual or couples therapy, and in workshops, we offer assertiveness training – how to express thoughts and feelings in a way that invites your partner into an open, collaborative dialogue; and […]

Individual Therapy

In individual counseling with adults we work not only with relationship issues, but life challenges in general to help clients feel better, more empowered and effective.  Feelings like anxiety, depression, and anger not only feel […]

Infidelity and Affairs

When a partner becomes aware of some form of infidelity – including emotional and/or sexual affairs – it is extremely painful, even traumatizing. There is a deep sense of hurt and betrayal, often accompanied by […]

Sexual Addiction Help

With the publication of “Out of the Shadows” in 1983, Dr. Patrick Carnes introduced the concept of sexual addiction to a mass audience. He compellingly described the emotional conflict, anguish, and despair experienced by sexual […]