Making Relationships Work: Understanding “Circularity”

An understanding of “circularity,” a concept associated with Family Systems Theory, can be a foundation piece in making relationships work.  The most common presenting problem in couples therapy on a process level involves partners’ blaming […]

Mindfulness – A Gateway to Transcendence (or Who Am I Without My Story)

The human capacity to transcend is intrinsic and fundamental, freeing the self from unnecessary pain and suffering – some might say all suffering.   A basic gateway to the experience of transcendence can be pointed at […]

Healing the Core Wound

In order to develop a felt sense of well-being, be more effective in general, and become empowered in relationships, one primary capacity is to be able to see one’s role in the problems we encounter, […]

The Addiction Cycle

There is a predictable cycle in the sexual addiction experience that is important to understand as it helps people self-identify as having a sexual addiction problem, and also points towards ways out of addiction.  Defensive […]

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Making relationships work – understanding circularity

Making relationships work – understanding circularity…More to follow.

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