Making Relationships Work: Understanding “Circularity”

An understanding of “circularity,” a concept associated with Family Systems Theory, can be a foundation piece in making relationships work.  The most common presenting problem in couples therapy on a process level involves partners’ blaming and counter blaming.  For many couples, this is a primary pattern when conflict arises, regardless of the “content” of the […]

Mindfulness – A Gateway to Transcendence (or Who Am I Without My Story)

The human capacity to transcend is intrinsic and fundamental, freeing the self from unnecessary pain and suffering – some might say all suffering.   A basic gateway to the experience of transcendence can be pointed at by using words like “acceptance” or “radical acceptance” (from mindfulness trainings); “allowing;” or “letting things be the way they are.”

Tara […]

Healing the Core Wound

In order to develop a felt sense of well-being, be more effective in general, and become empowered in relationships, one primary capacity is to be able to see one’s role in the problems we encounter, including relationship problems. However, it can be very difficult to see one’s role, or flaws and “weaknesses” without self-devaluation or […]

The Addiction Cycle

There is a predictable cycle in the sexual addiction experience that is important to understand as it helps people self-identify as having a sexual addiction problem, and also points towards ways out of addiction.  Defensive operations like denial, minimizing, rationalizing and projecting blame – as in “everyone does this,” “it’s not hurting anyone,” “he/she is […]

Making Relationships Work – Understanding Circularity

Making relationships work – understanding circularity…More to follow.

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